Ammonium Sulfate Remains Sulfur Fertilizer of Choice, According to Research Sponsored by AdvanSix

February 27, 2017

Study compared effectiveness of ammonium sulfate vs. new sulfur fertilizers

Parsippany, NJ, February 27, 2017 – As we move into another growing season, farmers and fertilizer producers continue to discuss the best products for achieving the highest yields.

For years, sulfur has been known to be an essential nutrient for crop growth.  Recently, sulfur deficiency has become a soil fertility concern for many primarily because of cleaner air and a decrease in sulfur depositions, and higher nutrient removal by crops, requiring sulfur to be added to the soil.

AdvanSix (NYSE: ASIX) sponsored research on the efficacy of various sulfur fertilizers and their availability to crops.  The research, led by Dr. S.H. (Norman) Chien, former principal scientist in Soil Chemistry at the International Fertilizer Development Center, determined that claims by producers of season-long sulfur availability to crops from various new products are unfounded. A literature review authored by Dr. Chien and published in Agronomy Journal (April 22, 2016, Volume 108, Issue #3) suggests that, despite many agronomic field trials and the fact that many of these new products have been marketed to farmers for several years, supportive yield data cannot be found in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Dr. Chien believes that the better option is “split applying” granular ammonium sulfate, either straight or in blends.  He suggests that this is a more effective way to provide sulfur throughout the season.

“Farmers depend on products that can give them the best results every year,” said Mike Hamilton, business director for the AdvanSix plant nutrients group. “This research confirms that ammonium sulfate continues to be the sulfur product of choice for farmers.”

Dr. Chien shared the results of the research and literature review on a webinar with CropLife, a major agricultural trade publication.  A replay of the webinar, including a discussion of the results, is available here along with the full literature review here.

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