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AdvanSix’s agronomy experts are available to answer your questions about how to get the most out of your ammonium sulfate investment. Mercedes Gearhart has overseen agronomic research at AdvanSix for more than 20 years, and has a wealth of knowledge about fertilizer use efficiency and improving crop yields.

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Dec 14, 2016
Is the lower salt index of ammonium sulfate the reason why it is a safer fertilizer than urea?
Not exactly, since you would need to compare salt index per unit of nutrient (3.25 for ammonium sulfate, 3.06 for ammonium nitrate and 1.62 for urea). The reason urea is not recommended for starter fertilization is due...
Sep 16, 2016
How does the salt index of ammonium sulfate compare to that of ammonium nitrate or urea?
The salt index values for the fertilizers in question are: Ammonium sulfate = 68.3 Ammonium nitrate = 104 Urea = 74.4
Aug 24, 2016
What are your label rates for containerized pots?
At Honeywell we sell fertilizer in bulk (to distributors and alike), so we do not have a label. Nevertheless, taking into account that ammonium sulfate is 21% nitrogen (N) and 24% sulfur (S) and depending on the amount...
Jul 22, 2016
What could be the cause of streaking on my field?
It could be that the fertilizer spreader was not calibrated. It could also be that the spinner speed used was too high for the size and hardness of the fertilizer products applied.
Jul 8, 2016
Does ammonium sulfate added to a herbicide mix improve weed control?
Ammonium sulfate (also known as AMS within the adjuvant world) can be quite useful in situations of chemical antagonism, such as when using hard water or when mixing herbicides that are antagonistic among themselves. ...
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