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AdvanSix’s agronomy experts are available to answer your questions about how to get the most out of your ammonium sulfate investment. Mercedes Gearhart has overseen agronomic research at AdvanSix for more than 20 years, and has a wealth of knowledge about fertilizer use efficiency and improving crop yields.

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Jul 24, 2017
What's the leaf burn potential from streaming 10 to 20 pounds per acre of ammonium sulfate solution onto wheat straw with young soybeans growing?
Ten to 20 gallons of ammonium sulfate solution per acre would equate to 8 to 16 lb N/acre. Assuming that the fertilizer solution covers 20% of the row width, then the ammonium sulfate rate per wetted row would be...
Jun 7, 2017
With the wet weather, I'm seeing a lot of slug damage in my region. Can ammonium sulfate help with slug control?
I'm not aware of any formal ammonium sulfate recommendation for slug control, although I have seen it listed as a home remedy option. The idea here would be to burn slugs upon contact, rather than a residual...
May 26, 2017
How much rainfall is needed to move surface-applied sulfate into the root zone?
It is hard to tell, because it depends on several factors. Most notably, with the same amount of rainfall, the sulfate ion can move faster from surface to root zone through a sandy soils than through a heavier soils. On...
Apr 29, 2017
Is it possible to create a reservoir of sulfur in the soil through the continuous application of elemental sulfur?
Yes, it is possible to create a reservoir of sulfur through long-term application of elemental sulfur. Be aware, though, that elemental sulfur oxidation produces acidity. So, with time, it may gradually decrease soil...
Mar 31, 2017
How long does it take for elemental sulfur to become available in the soil?
In order to become available to plants, elemental sulfur (ES) first needs to oxidize in the soil, a process governed by several factors: size of granule, hardness of granule, soil temperature, soil moisture, soil...
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