Drinking waterAegis® barrier resins are used in a variety of rigid food & beverage packaging applications globally. These resins are well suited to go through the co-injection stretch blow molding process with a variety of thermoplastics. You can select a solution that helps you dial in specific performance properties, such as elevated carbon dioxide retention, reduced oxygen permeation and superior delamination resistance characteristics. Equally important, you can count on a knowledgeable team of application development engineers dedicated to support your needs and requests.

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Key benefits of Aegis® barrier resins for rigid packaging include:

  • Elevated carbon-dioxide retention
  • Extended shelf life
  • Glass-like clarity
  • Near-zero oxygen transmission rates
  • Flavor-preserving capabilities
  • Ease of processing
  • Excellent customer/technical service

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Product Description TDS
OXCE Aegis® OXCE barrier nylon resin is an oxygen-scavenging nylon formulated for the high-oxygen barrier demands of plastic beer bottles and flavored alcoholic beverage (FAB) bottles. Multilayer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles made with Aegis® OXCE barrier nylon resin demonstrate near zero oxygen transmission rates for extended periods of time, depending on barrier loading.
BarrierPro2™ Aegis® BarrierPro2 nylon resin is an oxygen-scavenging formulation providing high oxygen barrier for juice, tea and condiment bottles. With a melt viscosity that is well suited to the co-injection stretch blow molding process with PET, Aegis® BarrierPro2 nylon resin suppresses crystallization resulting in glass-like clarity. Hot-filled and/or hot-stored bottles place stringent demands on the integrity of the multilayer interface and Aegis® BarrierPro2
CSDE Aegis® CSDE barrier nylon resin is a passive (non-scavenging) nylon formulated for the high carbon dioxide retention demands of carbonated soft drink and carbonated water applications. Typically these applications require excellent delamination performance due to high carbonation levels and complex bottle geometry. In addition, Aegis® CSDE barrier nylon resin provides an excellent barrier to carbon dioxide while delivering glass-like clarity and recyclability. It is also well suited to the co-injection process, because the recommended processing temperature of Aegis® CSDE barrier nylon resin is similar to that of PET.
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