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engineering-plastics-nylon6-smallAegis® Nylon 6 resin is an ideal choice of material for fishing line and fishnet filament applications. Fish lines and nets made with Nylon 6 resin exhibit important properties – tenacity, elongation and transparency – that enable fisherman to catch more fish. In addition, the softness and flexibility of Aegis® Nylon 6-based products make handling and storage of those fishnets easier.

Our improved resins perform significantly better than self-blended materials. We deliver what your end users need:
• transparency – to catch more fish
• softness/flexibility – important for net handling and storage
• tenacity – less breakage to keep fish in net or on the line
• elongation –holds knots better, keeps fish in nets

* Gen 1 resin still available

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Aegis® Product # Description TDS
HSS60ZF Aegis® HSS60ZF is a dual terminated, non-delustered, bright medium dye, medium viscosity nylon 6 resin for textile applications w/typical dpf’s 1.5-5.0 @ processing speeds up to 5000 mpm (Super Shining & traditional fiber cross-sections). (129 KB)
H55ZI Unterminated medium viscosity homopolymer well suited for mono, multifilament applications, and carpet fiber. » (68 KB)
H55ZP Unterminated medium viscosity homopolymer for filament as well as carpet fiber. » (68 KB)
H95ZI Aegis® H95ZI is a medium viscosity nylon 6 extrusion grade homopolymer for mono and multifilament applications (Typical filament product tenacities 5.0-8.0 gpd). » (99 KB)