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Powerful agricultural benefits

In multiple crop tests pitting Sulf-N® 26 against various combinations of nitrogen and sulfur fertilizers, Sulf-N® 26 has delivered equal or superior crop yields and quality. Grains, vegetables, tree crops, berries – Sulf-N® 26 delivers.

Equal or better crop yields and quality for a broad range of crop and soil combinations

  • Dry solid fertilizer, 26-0-0-14S
  • 26% nitrogen (N) and 14% sulfur (S), two essential nutrients plants need to thrive
  • Both critical forms of nitrogen
    • 6.5% nitrate nitrogen for early green up
    • 19.5% ammonium nitrogen for healthier root zone
  • Sulfate form of sulfur
    • Sulfate is immediately available to plants unlike other forms of sulfur
    • Plants need sulfur for maximum nitrogen uptake
    • World soils are increasingly sulfur deficient

Improves operational efficiency