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The only nitrate fertilizer with low detonation potential

Terrorist bombs have killed or wounded over 50,000 people in the last two years.
Nitrate fertilizers are the single largest source of the improvised explosive materials used in those devices.

Low detonation potential

  • Sulf-N® 26 technology fuses ammonium nitrate (a fertilizer and explosive) with ammonium sulfate (a fertilizer and fire retardant)
    • The result is a “double salt” matrix with two AN molecules for each molecule of AS
    • The AS in the Sulf-N® 26 matrix dampens the rate of AN combustion
  • When used as a supplementary fuel source for high explosives, Sulf-N® 26 is less effective than sugar or sawdust
  • When mixed with a sensitizer (as in AN/fuel oil bombs), Sulf-N® 26 is as ineffective as sand

Detonation testing